If you had made itself in that evening as we on the way by too the such late hour calm, almost deserted city; if they had passed furthermore the small restaurants, which structured their desks and chairs on the road, past at the juweliergeschaeften, which offer all the same, to the Souvenierlaeden, in which there is really nothing to buy; if you had so finally achieved the edge of the place, between which the mountain to a linking would have turned to both hills and; if you had climbed like we the stairs, all nine hundred and eleven levels; if you had stated exhausted there above that it continues to go no longer, it is over the wall and if you had overcome the wall; if you had then followed the way, into the small burghof; if you had done all this, then you would have omitted, lucky us seen, twenty persons, tiredly, perhaps still something except breath, all.

Perhaps you would have put the heading into the neck and would have seen the sky after the reason for our joy and you them searched, the innumerable asterisks, to more than you at home to see to be able. They would for the first time have understood, what a starlit sky is.

And you would have suddenly heard music, only slow, carried tones of a pulling instrument, then ever more instruments and you, met as we would have seen and, first somewhat clumsily, because the steps were other, then liquid us, more surely to dance began to be formed slowly, then ever faster, faster and faster, until our group finally broke apart, in order soon thereafter from new one.

They would have seen also the candles, which belongs to laughter, which notices radiating our eyes; They would have felt, like it were on Palamidi.

This text developed under the impression of my study travel to Greece in the autumn 1995. Palamidi is an old venezianische fortress, which is been situated over the bay of Nauplion in the southwest of the Peleponnes. At a warm Greek autumn night (it problem-free with each German sommernacht to take up can) to have we with approximately 20 people this castle stormed and a birthday celebrated. The kurzgeschichte was distinguished in the winter 1995 with the literary award of the Ludwig George High School in Darmstadt.

As you no doubt have guessed, this translation was made by the Babelfish

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