The Music File Finder (muff)

Muff is basically a shell script for bash that allows you to search a directory tree for names of mp3 files that match some regular expression and to add a selection of the found files to the xmms playlist.

You can also control some of the more important xmms options from within muff (play, pause, forward, rewind, volume, stop and some more). If you want to read a bit more about what muff can do and what it cannot, you may have a look at the extensive helpfile

Download the latest release of muff from sourceforge.

System requirements:
Muff needs a running X server, Eterm or xterm, xmms and xmms-shell, find, grep, bash and a pretty recent version of dialog (I know that dialog.0.6 doesn't work, but dialog 0.9a does).

The following files are ready for download from here:

  1. muff-0.2.tar.gz, the program files
  2., the help as a postscript file
  3. help.pdf, the PDF-Version of the helpfile

The installation of muff is pretty simple: unpack the tarball to some directory (called i-dir), cd to i-dir/muff and run ./install. You'll be asked for the root passwort, because the program files are being installed to some canonical locations. Finally, you should change some settings in /etc/muff.conf, so muff will work better. Don't be afraid of the config file, it's pretty well documented (I think).

The muff project is being maintained by
Richard Brauer

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Created Monday, 08/07/2002

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