For all those who have some difficulties with the German language and therefore could not feel the pathetic momentum of my poem "Der Hund", for all those I made a translation of that lovely poem. (Flo, at the moment I don't know what this nutri-matrix-machine says to Arthur (at the end of the first part) whenever it gives him that drink that tastes almost, but not entirely, unlike tea. In German it is 'greif zu und geniesse'. If you still have Thomas' copy of the Hitchhiker, can you please look it up for me? Meanwhile the world will have to try and understand things like) Access and enjoy! (babelfish...)

To Ronja

The dog

from quiet paws it follows
the Wandrer tiredly after
of humans roughly driven out,
but still it can love it.
I believe ', only water want ' it,
when it broke together (correctly after the new orthography)

in its hand a microphone,
at the neck to that apparatuses (is my Greek teacher...)
Around photos to only shoot
of buildings of the Greeks
as the dog, hunts ' strictly
he approached it nevertheless him of it.

The animals may suffer,
who worries about it
about temples too received
and funds to administer,
power itself everyone bent.
The dog cannot remain here.

After quiet paws it follows
us tired Wandrern after
of humans roughly driven out,
the animal must you love nevertheless!
I white, only water want ' he,
therefore I gave way to him.

I wrote this poem under the impression of a journey to Greece in autumn 1995. It failed to win one of the most reputable prices for literature known to pupils of the Ludwig-Georgs-Gymnasium in Darmstadt, but nevertheless was awarded the "Cudsch Literaturpreis" on 31st December 1995

Translation made Thursday, 04/11/1999 using the Babelfish

Copyright (C) 2005 Richard Brauer

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