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Welcome, friend, to my homepage. This is a very private web project that I maintain just for the fun of it. At the moment most of the contents are rather old, some even outdated.

If you want to know whether this assembly of texts (and there are really almost only texts to be found on this homepage) is of any interest to you, just have a look at the following list of things you may find here:

If you still believe, that this collection of texts is something you might be interested in, than I hope that you will at least have some fun reading them. I promise (yes, I really do) that I will translate the most important texts as soon as possible. Hope to see you here again.


Just for a change I placed the news-section at the very bottom of this page. I will try to keep it updated regularly but as I don't update the rest of our homepage there will normally be no need to do so. Anyway, The most recent changes to this site are the following:

  1. 26/05/2005: After almost two years of non-existence, is online again. I moved the site to a web space provider who doesn't allow the execution of perl scripts [or other scripts], so this is now once again a static build. Many of the contents need still to be updated.

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