I have always wanted to say

but nobody ever listens to me, which is the reason for me to write it all down here, to give billions and billions of (yet) lucky human beings the chance to read it and think of it whatever they want to think.

Let me assume that you found this site because by some meaningless coincidence you happened to recieve an eMail from me that revealed the fact that meanwhile I do have my own homepage and now you want to know what kind of wonderful stuff is to be found here. In order to cure your curiosity I will give you the most important (well, of course those things are not important at all, but they are all that came into my mind when I was writing this text) information on me, my life and everything:

So this is me. If you do not already know it: the name my parents chose for me is Richard, and if you really want to know what I might look like then you can have a look at this picture:

Picture of me.

For those who really want to learn something about the few important stages of my life so far I have written a short curriculum vitae which really only covers the most basic events. Assuming that you're not interested at all in this sentimental stuff this section tries to provide you with some basic information without tears, childhood memories or figures.

At the moment I am spending a year abroad in Edinburgh, studying physics and having fun. As for physics, I try to tell the interested visitor something about this somewhere else on this homepage (for the German version follow this link). The rest of this page will therefore be mainly concerned with the fun-section of my life (although some of these things might not exactly be what you expect when someone talks of fun).

Life, people tend to say, is short. Too short at least to do all the things you consider so very important you really have to do them. Hence it is a bit surprising that there are such things like cafes - places where people like me spend such huge amounts of time, gossiping (or as we would prefer to say: philosophizing about the meaning of life and the possible side effects of time travel). But I still cannot think of anything nicer than a cup of tea on a Thursday evening in the Elephant House on George IV Bridge with someone I like. This is I honestly can. There is hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows for example but since I'm sort of male I can't understand what is so great about the latter (at least this is what I was recently told by - of course - a girl)[1].

Imagine there's no such thing as cinemas. How would you be able to see the latest James Bond movie[2] and where else on this planet could you walk on an inch thick layer of popcorn? You would very probably survive but think what you'd be missing? Of course you could spend the evenings learning for your classes, reading a book or servicing your girl[3] which are the things your parents, directors of studies and all the other highly important people in your life would recommend doing. You could as well put your head into a pig. Right, I love going to the movies and I recently discovered that I have some sort of affectation to these kind of slow movies with not much of action and long passages of people just talking, with intensely shot scenes of nothing happening. O god, it's so hard to say what I mean. I'm talking of films like "The End of the Affair" or Mr Ripley. But if you ask me[4] the best movie of all times is still "Casablanca" and I can't imagine there will ever be a chance of me changing my mind[5].

So should you ever be looking for me and not finding me at home than it might be a good idea to search the local cafes and cinemas. In case you don't see me hanging around there you are probably lost because then I am very likely to be walking around somewhere. In the town, in a park, up a hill but very surely not where you think I might be. Oops, I think I forgot to mention that taking a glance at the nearest computing lab would normally appear as an appropriate thing to do.

It seems about the right time now to warn you that I don't like people who don't like tigerducks. The guys who believe that "Carries a TigerDuck" is as good an insult as "Has a shower using hot water" should better keep away from me (unless their name is Julius[6]). Among the other things I dislike you can find television, radio adverts, geography, headaches, phone bills, Microsoft and probably a whole bunch of other unpleasant ideas I really do not want to think about at the moment. And you will hardly ever find me doing some sport, being in a disco or dreaming.

What? You're still with me? Did not get bored to death? O yes, I see, you did and now you have a complaint. If there's something I really can't stand at all than it's all this grouching an cravilling and stuff. Anyway: feel free to send me an email at any time of day or night. I always try to answer all mails and for the time being this does not really seem to be too difficult.


[1] This is my very own way of making hot chocolate: for a 300ml mug take about 250ml of milk (I use whole milk but I'm sure this does not really matter), 50 grams thoroughly chopped plain chocolate (the one you would normally use for making a cocolate icing, eg scotblok), two or three marshmallows and approximately two tablespoons of freshly whipped cream. Pour the milk into a saucepan, add the chocolate and heat carefully until it is very, very hot. Place the Marshmallows in a mug and fill it up to about one cm below the rim with the milk. Add the cream and enjoy it while it's still warm. This drink is definitely not suitable for diabetics.

[2] Although "The world is not enough" was real crap, as every normal minded will no doubt agree.

[3] Or your boy, didn't mean to be offending... By the way: a big hello to meat loaf

[4] But of course noone ever does. Sorry, I'm pouting again...

[5] Considering the fact that not even "The Matrix" managed to do this and I love that one.

[6] The reasons for this are multifarious and I will not tell them to you. You might try to ask me though.

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