History of the small kite and the large mountain

It was once a small Drache, lived with its nut/mother at the river in a country, quite far away from here. It played all day long over with its two friends, the eintagsfliege SAM and the cow Mathilda. The three raved on the meadows and tried to catch each other which never functioned, because they either excessively, or too small for each other were. If the small Drache became tired in the evening and were disappointed, because he had not won already again (which in the rest of also no different one had ever created from the group) sometimes to be not so bad then he unloaded his displeasure in a small, beautiful fire ball, which the small SAM in only too often pulled, but seemed because on the next day SAM was again, as there quicklebendig as yesterday, and he could remember nothing from that, what the small Drache had made.

Thus the three lived a whole summer long, SAM rushed the small kite and Mathilda around the nose, which small Drache branched as wild over the meadow and heated occasionally the small SAM a little in and Mathilda was and did not understand mostly only there not, what the others did. It mostly did not receive that the small Drache and SAM requested it for playing, but if she felt beautifully full even and also no grass in the mouth had, then she hopped over the beautiful meadow and tore large holes into the pastureland at the river.

But the summer passed and a daily waited the small Drache for the small SAM it ran in vain as far, as it had not ever run, it looked under all stones at the river bank and even behind Mathildas delicate cow ears, but it could not discover SAM anywhere. And disappearing of SAM was not the only puzzling. Because also Mathilda had changed. Their skin had become thicker, and where in former times tiny, dark points were to be seen, now enormous black marks their backs and even its legs zierten. If the small Drache it anstarrte only for a long time enough, then the friendly cow before its eyes blurred to a large, flickering, black-and-white lump, as a few sheep, in the coal cellar had wintered and now tried to clean, by branching one on the other. Then the eyes were assigned to the small kite sometime and it fell into a deep, recovery seed sleep, from which it up-frightened normally abruptly, if Mathilda it anstubste with grazing gently with the nose point.

And then the days became ever more briefly, the grass grew as fast as in former times and ever no longer more frequently became the small Drache when playing wet, because the rain drops did not give consideration to it that it wanted to rave even outside. The rain drops obviously even was it einerlei that it threw it with small fire balls and transformed it in such a way into Dampfwoelkchen; they fell simply further and verhoehnten it by their eternal " Platsch " and the innumerable Kringel, which zauberten them on the surface of the river. The small Drache got accustomed to to leave which house no longer so frequently and also to the fact that Mathilda did not do no more on the meadow and things, which neither he nor they understood.

Only few days after disappearing good-natured Mathilda woke up small Drache and looked as normally from windows, on which river, which there-rushed as normally in its bed, although somewhat broad and faster perhaps than in the summer, on which trees in the valley, which were like normally simply only there and did not talk with it, zuzuwinken sometimes only if the wind touched it with its invisible hands, it seemed, on the meadow before the river, which, perfectly unusually and unexplainably for the small kite, of a fine, white layer was covered. If his nut/mother it had ever baked a cake, or at least one waffel, then would have the small Drache itself been pleased about the coat from puderzucker and he would be run out and the blades of grass would have abgeschleckt and surprised determined, like this sugar was not at all so sweet strangely individually -, as he remembered. But the nut/mother small kites could not bake particularly well and knew in such a way he not, what it should hold from white things on the meadow.

Perfectly disturbed the small Drache ran to its large nut/mother, in order to ask it, what he should employ with the meadow, but its nut/mother slept deeply and fixed. It climbed on its nut/mother and roared it in the ear around it to wake, it zwackte it into the page, bit it gently into the tail and even threw a tiny fire ball on its thicknesses toe; but it did not create it to wake it up. The small Drache had now still another problem more: he could not introduce himself simply, what did its nut/mother there, why it slept at one time so deeply, so slowly breathed and seemed at all, which had occurred with the beautiful world, those it yesterday to be still so wonderfully simple.

The solution was at least the problem quite simple, and if the small Drache had known it, then the other problems would have never emerged. But the small Drache had unfortunately played the whole summer over and had taken themselves no time to learn something over Drachensein and its nut/mother it had missed to explain to it what kites usually to do. Because what kites undertake the dear long day over, quite differs from what the small Drache in its past life had done. Kites branch not over cow pastures and do not try not to catch eintagsfliegen. It stolpern over the holes, the Mathilda in the lawns did not tear and it to evaporate also not Regentroepchen - at least not regular. It knows no humans, which kites really do, but ever a Drache was not seen, which behaved in such a way, like the small Drache. Unfortunately also the small Drache had at all no notion, how kites behave usually, and therefore behaved it in such a way, as the small Drache usually behaved, which meant that he tried, eintagsfliegen to catch and over the holes stolperte, which Mathilda in the lawns had torn. We cannot state that those actually met debt the nut/mother small kites and not our main person, because also a Drache learns from what its parents before-make for him. And there his nut/mother it had not nothing at all before-made on the whole and only quite nothing for him had explained, did not know the small Drache that kites begin at a completely determined point in time to hold winter sleep. The nut/mother small kites had at this night the snow falls heard, because kites very fine ears knew and on twenty kilometers distance the Wiehern of a horse of trumpets of an elephant to differentiate, or opening the bloom of a rose of that the bloom of a schneegloeckchens; and it knew immediately that now the time had come for the winter sleep. It would have waked nevertheless only its son and to it would have said, what it is to do! But we know that the small Drache had not been waked at this night. Naturally also he had heard the snow, but there were so many noises at the night, which he could not do yet, and which were falling the snow one the fewer furchteinfloessenden.

And in such a way the small Drache spent a whole winter alone in the house at the meadow at the river on the half height of the large mountain. And it was since a long time the first Drache, which saw, how slowly also the trees in the valley were covered by the white masses, as their branches under the load of the snow bent themselves, as the river was covered with a thick ice sheet and as kite footprints are blown by the cold winter hoists.

As you no doubt have guessed, this translation was made by the Babelfish

Created Sunday, 31/10/1999

Copyright (C) 2005 Richard Brauer

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