There are basically two distinct types of literature: good literature and home-made, where the latter has not necessarily to be written by you or me but can as well be produced by someone as reputable as Günther Grass (who was awarded the 1999 Nobel Price for literature). This section is mostly concerned with exactly that kind of literature, offering lots of Haiku, a poem about some dog, another pacifistic poem, a poem for a friend of mine which is for obvious reasond called Der Cudsch, two short stories I have written more or less recently, but also other things that may attract my attention some paragraphs further down.

It is unfortunately hardly possible for me to translate my short-stories into any other language, not even into English. Therefore you must be content with the original versions or - if you want to have some fun - with the Babelfish's translations of these texts. The first story (Geschichte vom Kleinen Drachen und dem großen Berg), which I have written more recently, deals with a little dragon and his problems with hibernation. There is a sequel to this story (Puh, ein Bär), which I placed here as well. The second story (Palamidi) is largely concerned with some people running up a mountain to have a party. I think they might all be worth reading and especially the oldest one is really very short. Apart from that I have tried to write something that might explain my disaffirmation (nice word, isn't it) to TV. I called it History of the World so Far and it is - you won't believe it - in English!

In addition I have written some texts for the web's edition of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. You can find my entries on the topics of Aachen, Wuppertal, Greece and icetea here as well with less waiting.

Because this page might seem to be and obviously is quite chaotic, this is a list of all the poems and stories you can find here:

If you want to know what books I like most, you might try this link.

I am also interested in other people's texts or poems. If you believe that you have written something that might be of any interest to me for some reason or another, just write me an eMail.

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