I hope you

are having a wonderful good morning, wherever you are at the moment. If by some meaningless coincidence you should happen to be Drache (or do you prefer being called Dragon when addressed in English?) then I can be quite sure that for you it really is morning, since you are used to sleeping at least as long as I do (please don't be angry at me because I keep telling everyone about our lifes' secrets).

For all the others I do now presumably have to write something else, even though I do not want to do this at all. Well, as you undoubtedly know its's me, Fafnir and my dad feels that, since now he named his homepage after me, I also have to write something for it. And this jerk knows exactly that I don't like this. At least I did not have to write it at the computer myself, for with my small hands and short arms this is an utterly exhausting thing to do, and those stupid grown ups don't care about our problems and do not build real computers for children and notebooks are way too expensive and here in Scotland they do of course not have these things. Of course there are those toy-computers for children, but the the latter can't even solve simple mathematical problems and are far too boring for students like me and even less interesting for students who are just about to do their degree, as the Dragon. He sometimes really makes me jealous.

Nevertheless I now have to write something and I don't even have a good pen, just this blinking ballpoint pen by the Royal Bank of Scotland, which almost drove my dad mad, for they did not want to give him his student account and lost all the papers he gave to them and so on and now he has even been given a credit card by them. This all doesn't make any sense and he always kept complaining about it and I didn't have a peaceful minute on my own when he was in. I really don't know why I'm writing all this stuff, for there is no one there who is gonna read it anyway and it's all useless, not to say futile. But my daddy told me that I had to learn that sometimes there are things which you have to do even if you don't want to. And I told him that he had to learn this lesson himself and this is true, but he didn't care and said that this is one of the things you can teach without understanding them. That's the way these old people are. "Mature student" - that's what they call him here because he's so old. I think, all those Britons are just children. My dad is not as old as you might think at first view and sometimes he is even more childish than I am, just like aunt Sandra. But the two of them are far from being as childish as our uncle Cudsch (sorry, I know you won't be able to pronounce this. Try something like Cootch), although he really is a nice guy and always takes us to the big "M" and gives us french fries and stuff.

Now you know how difficult a child's life can be. I suppose you, being the reader, can't even remember any more what it was like when after finishing school you wanted to go to university and all the guys were looking unfriendly at you (or rather on you not unlike the aunt Sandra who has to look at everyone from up there) and said that you might still be a little too little and than you take your right arm and you nip their left ear and than they send you back home again.

Well, I actually should write something about myself and that is what I have indeed done but you are probably just too stupid to notice this and thus I have to write even more and I really don't want to do this any more. When meeting me for the first time, people will very often ask me who I am and then I say that I am Fafnir and then they give me baffled looks because there's something they can't believe and then I say that I am already five years old and then they give me even more baffled looks, because now they believe less then ever that I can already count to five and I am convinced that I can count at least to as high numbers as they can. The dragon, who is my boy friend, is a bit older than I am and that's why he has done so much more physics so far than I have done and he can already understand Einstein and all and I know hardly anything about him and he has already done Quantum Mechanics. During the last three years we could hardly ever see each other because the Dragon does not want to come to study in Aachen even though it is so much better and more beautyful there and now it got even worse because I can't understand those Scots and the Dragon is so far away and it is cold up here. And this is all just because children like us don't have any influence at all on what our parents do and what places take they take us to. Our favourite song is "I'm green" by this band from the Eiffel-Tower in the hills close to Aachen, you know the one that goes "I have a boyfriend and he is so green". Well, I don't know what else I could tell you about myself. My dad felt like he had to make fun of my clothes again, or at least that's what you might think, but I find them pretty normal and they suit me, but most people don't seem to understand this.

This has been too much writing already. You will very probably not have read this anyway and if you have that you're surely the Dragon or an aunt or uncle of ours and then you did already know about all this stuff and now you are angry about this waste of time as you could have done so many nice things instead. You might for example send me an email since I have my own email address.

Take care,
Dragon's Fafnir

created Sunday, 02/04/2000

Copyright (C) 2005 Richard Brauer

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