Puh, a bear

It had become cold, bitterly. That could constitute the small kite fortunately not much, because he had - like all kites - a thick skin, which kept him still wonderfully warm also in the worst winter. A fixed ice cover covered the river and on what in former times einml the meadow had been, left the snow hares the tracks of its plays - and sometimes also a few black marks. In the dark-curved kite cave was appropriate still the nut/mother for small kites and slept

The small Drache asked itself, what it should begin with the whole cold time, which it had now, because since its nut/mother had not told it anything of the winter sleeping, it is obvious that it had taught it naturally still fewer over it, what it do should, if it were actually winter sleeping time. Day around day passed without special events, without new functions, without omitted playing with the old friends. A few times tried the small Drache to help the snow hares when playing but those had fear of it un ran away, because they had not seen ever a kite. Finally snow hares in the snow and kite live sleep, if snow hares live.

But one morning woke up the small Drache and looked like always by the window on the meadow at the river and it could its eyes not trust: there, in the snow, in the cotton wool-soft, ice-cold white, enormous Fusstapfen was to see - kite-pure. The small Drache looked exactly and counted the castings of the toes and it found three and the two hidden. There was no doubt, here in the night a Drache had gone past and it, that was he nevertheless also one, it had not heard.

Excited and overjoyed the small Drache branched outside on the meadow and did not run as it ever coagulated was on the other tracks the river along. After a few minutes made it turns, ran back into the cave and wrote to its nut/mother a message, if it should wake up before its return. It stubste it to the parting again gently and made themselves unidentified on the search for that Vorbeigezogenen.

The meadow at the river before the cave extended far, so far that the small Drache had not run ever up to its end. Yes, he had not even known that she stopped somewhere sometime. Before it the river disappeared to Glucksen of the swallowed water in the Duesternis of a dense forest, powerful trees stretched its herbstentlaubten branches in a grey winter sky and no noise, deas, did not even escape from the tremendous schattenwand. And there, into views the extracting darkness, into a country, which was as other to the small kite as Kolumbus the Indians, there the tracks of the nocturnal visitor led themselves.

The animals, which lived at the slopes of the large mountain, told themselves fear-exciting stories about the grimmigen forest, of powerful monsters, who lived in the trees and murder-end yourself on each organism fell, which committed the error to come them too close watercourses poisoned by pitch-black lakes, in which Wasserwercke(1) drove their nuisance, of, in those ever a living fish one did not see and allegedly had still no mortal nature the forest alive again left. Even those, which did not know anything from all these things, avoided this dark area, because a breath of the bad one seemed to be situated over the trees and bushes. If the small Drache had not been Drache, then history would be terminated, it fear SAM the tail would have in-pinched, a sad-debt-conscious view of the unbeeindruckten Fussstapfen thrown and would be run back here into the dark-curved kite cave, in which its nut/mother was situated and slept and suspected nothing from the danger, into which its son would have almost gone. But kites do not know a fear, because it gives nobody, is it to humans, animal or monster, who would be stronger or wiser than her.

And in such a way the small Drache ran steadfastly the tracks afterwards, into the dark forest inside. In order to lower the voltage again a little, we can consider ourselves here that he came out also quite obviously again, because as we should know otherwise something from him. Finally neither I nor you, dear reader, would ever apply nevertheless dear reader, the courage to follow the two. We make thus not too many concerns around the fate of our small hero, but enjoy we to its childlike Unbekuemmertheit.

For the small kite the forest represented a new world, a country, which so perfectly different was than everything that it could do. Far was enough its view of domestic cave over meadow, which was bright river, in the valley down there and on the mountains, behind which evening the sun disappeared, it in the daylight and asterisk clear at night, the constant noise of the river and rascheln the blades of grass in the wind the only noises, which disturbed the silence there, were. Here however powerful tree giants blocked the view on to enormous, moosbewachsene rock, on which river, whose wave sound was over-sounded of the branches wind-moved by the Geraesch, on whatever was distant hundred lengthlength lengths more for than. Being astonished the small Drache the trees stupste, on gently, in order to leave it nevertheless firmly not too entwurzeln, but enough, it erzittern. Only with trouble it could force itself to shift the investigation of the many miracles hidden in the darkness on later and the far track follow, which had already so far led it.

After some time the forest became a little light, which widened river to a small, felsbeuferten lake, over whose snow-covered surface by far-loading Baeme leaned. Many tracks covered the white level, also the way for small kite led over there on the other page. Where a Drache, also second can work not to break in, thought it and entered themselves unbekuemmert, if also not without caution, which weissbepuderte ice step for step approached he itself the center of the lake and afterwards again the bank, constantly the Knacksen of the layer of frozen water in the ears to he suddenly... again fixed soil under the feet felt. Here a narrow watercourse the mountain branched down there into the lake, now in the winter naturally frozen, so that the Sonnenlich in thousands threw the most wondrous pictures on the rough cliffs to wasserfaellen solidified to eiswaenden fallow and.

Meanwhile the small Drache was nevertheless tired a little from the long, unusual migration, and so he decided to stay here for a while and to enjoy the sight of romantically daliegenden waters. What friedvolle silence, he imagined, ignorantly that there should not be these in an alive forest, where the discussions of the birds and the calls of the wild animals fulfill the Lueft nevertheless. Here however only the tracks in the snow pointed on the presence of others. Giving the small Drache set, stretched themselves few relaxation to its feet on beside one of the large stone lumps the legs out and doeste one while before itself. The breath Gerae frightened it up, even still in time to station in order to detect a dark shadow, which branched with a long record over the grey stone, in order I threateningly before our hero.

" Buh! " the branched thing made. " Puh! ", the small Drache said. " who are you? " - " not puh, buh! ", the response of its Gegenuebers came, " and I is a bear ". With a vigorously researching view the small Drache regarded the braungezottelten visitor, the button in its pointed ear, the soft Pranken with the three plus two toes, the flauschige skin and verschmitzt his face umspielende smile and it knew immediately that its search was now to end. " you were it thus, which ran by tonight our cave. And I thought already, it would have been another Drache. I am naelich the small Drache and I live on the meadow at the river. " - " so, so, " the bear said, " and which makes a as recent thing as you here, so far from at home? And which would say your nut/mother, if she saw you here? "

That was naturally a good question, because the small Drache had honestly said at all no notion, why it had really afterwards-coagulated now to the tracks. Perhaps from boredom, because the eternal do not sit at home that was real, which it expected from its life, perhaps from curiosity, perhaps, in order to escape from the isolation? " my nut/mother lies about the whole time only in the cave and sleeps and therefore is also all the same it it ", said he. " additionally I wanted to finally see another kite. " Grummelnd wiegte the bear its heavy head. " are you now enttaescht to see me and not one of your green friends? " - " however I do not know nevertheless at all whether they are my friends, because I do not know none of them. Perhaps did you see another kite? " " you, know small Drache, sometimes are better it not to get the responses to some questions. But schau only, it is already almost night and all the asterisks is radiating in the sky. Did you ever see somewhat so beautiful? " The small Drache felt the fact that somewhat very sad touched the bear and it pressed it and put its lever around its shoulders and so was it a long time there and admired the raisedness of the jet black gewoelbes over them.

" bear ", said the small Drache, " is beautiful the world not to miracles? " And then the two ran away together, in order to investigate the miracles of the beauty.


(1) Wercke are as as gnomes, only much, much more largely. They are from extremely more awkward, almost wuerfelfoermiger shape, have even muscles, where other brains have and to see the whole world in black, white and pink. Long time was assumed that Wercke are the stupidest creatures changing on earth, this could however be disproved, when the eggs of a praehistorischen way of life discovered a team of Peruvian geologists, which like that bloed are that with them more does not even function the growth gene, why they never out-came in their Entwickling over the stage lime ellipsoids. One to today unanswered question is after the origin of the eggs... The second acceptance over Wercke, which proved as false, is those that they are the strongest natures, which ever saw the creation. A Wasserwerck is a Werck, which is pleased no more years or also centuries ago times in a pond or a lake and did not out-find. Where the spirit failed, Natura helped and let them a few Kiemen regenerate, so that the Wasserwercke is the only well-known kiemenatmenden eddy natures.

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